Agreement Without Registration

Published on April 8, 2021

A sales contract is a legal document that constitutes the conditions under which the sale of the property is made by the seller to the buyer. It also contains details of the consideration for which the property is sold. The agreement sets out all the essential conditions and a timetable for future payments that the buyer must make to the property. It is the most important document because it facilitates the entire flow and process of selling and transferring ownership. The clause “is certainly registered, but it is not registered,” but it is itself that Parliament has always intended to register such agreements. Section 53 A was adopted only to protect the rights of the intended purchaser, not any. This position has just been added up by the amendment of the law/decree on property rights. If the purpose of the agreement is illegal, the contract is cancelled. All parties must have agreed on the purpose of the agreement in the same direction. Section 14 states that if the agreement is due to coercion, fraud or error, it is said that it is not “free consent” and that such a contract is null and void and is not applicable by law.

1) The letter of contract must include a clause in the execution of the deed of sale If these conditions are met, the purchaser acquires the overall right of the property, even without entering into a contract or deed, and the seller cannot assert any rights other than that expressly mentioned in the contract. Failure to register this deed of sale means that you are not clearly marketable on your property. In the applicant`s second complaint, the HC granted the complaint, disturbing the findings of the facts that had been recorded by the two courts below, and therefore found that the divisional deed-D-A required registration and therefore undue evidence. The HC also found that the following two jurisdictions were not justified for the Exh possession document. P1 was only a nominal deed of sale and the same was not implemented. The contracting parties should understand each other`s purpose of the contract. There must be a “legitimate offer” and “legitimate acceptance” leading to an agreement. The parties must have accepted the object in the same direction. The Supreme Court decision is clear that even the power to sell the property without the unregant deed is invalidated, so that any transaction for the transfer of the property either by sale or donation or transaction, if it is an unregant document/deed, it is not valid in the eyes of the law. Is the purchase contract registered? Why did you pay the full amount before you were registered? Do you have any document other than the agreement to prove that the land is in your possession? When was the agreement reached? After 6 months of contract has not registered any You have proof of payment of the full amount? What was the type of payment?call me will lead you to what to do to see the document.