Emory Ed Agreement

Published on September 18, 2021

Official transcripts are usually provided by the school`s civil registry office. The Registrar can send the transcript to Emory University for admission@emory.edu via the common application or as an attached PDF. Letters of recommendation that could not be sent online must be sent by the recommendation giver by PDF to admission@emory.edu attached. Make sure the email contains the applicant`s full name, date of birth, and application identification number.

In short, I signed up for Emory OPUS today just to check my application status, and I noticed that my to-do list had an early decision agreement and it had been launched next door.

What does that mean? I submitted my ED agreement on Common App in the “Add-in” section if it helps.

Hello Bimal, you should definitely change your application plan from RD to ED2 or vice versa after your filing on November 15th. It is best to contact our office directly if you have any changes to the application plan or the application yourself: 404-727-6036 or admission@emory.edu. Emorys Early Decision Accord is binding, so you cannot apply to another school as part of a mandatory early decision plan or a mandatory early action plan. You can continue to apply to other schools as part of a non-binding early action plan, circulation admission, or regular decision plan. Mandatory means that you enter into a contract stating that Emory University is your school of choice and that if you are admitted with adequate financial support, you will register here and withdraw all other university applications. Start with our Early Decision website to familiarize yourself with how the ED agreement works, learn more about our two ED plans (EDI and EDII) and decide if you want to apply to ED at Emory College, Oxford College or both sites.

Deadlines for submitting application materials for each plan could help determine your choice:

Ditto, which emilyb said. When my son signed his ED agreement, I received an email about it with a link that took me to where I needed to sign. We assumed that her GC was also receiving an email, but as the deadline approached, we noticed that the ED section still didn`t show that she had signed it. When he came to ask her, she said that she did not receive an email, that she only knew if the student was going and would tell her about it personally.

If you need a deductible but do not qualify for the coalition`s non-payment declaration, please email admission@emory.edu for Emory University`s non-payment code.

S please pay attention to the decision-making agreement. Me and my parents signed it, but it never happened to my counselor, she didn`t even know I had used ED (or tried anyway), until almost a month after the deadline! Make sure your counselor knows this and call the school to make sure they probably didn`t get it, it`s not a bad idea.

Feel free to contact us by posting a comment on this blog, tweeting us @emoryadmission or emailing us at admission@emory.edu. Ask your advisor or school enrollment to submit an official copy of your transcript via the common app. Or your school trustee can email the transcript to a PDF attached to admission@emory.edu.

We do not accept transcripts submitted by the candidate. We assume that transfer applicants have passed standardized tests before the Covid 19 disruptions to be admitted to their current institution. .