Wireless Services Agreement Act

Published on April 15, 2021

B – the number of months elapsed under the agreement until termination, with the last part of a month, if it exists, being counted as a whole month. an agreement under which a consumer agrees to sell his own goods or services to the supplier and the supplier accepts goods or services as being in whole or part of the consideration for the supply of goods or services; (“recovery agreement”) (12) If a supplier purports to amend a radio agreement that violates that law and the provisions adopted under that law, the amendment is struck down. 2013, about 8, 13 (12). 3. When a consumer announces a radio contract in accordance with this section, the termination takes effect, subject to the subsection (5), when the consumer communicates the notification to subsection 2. 2013, about 8, 11 (3). 6. No supplier in a radio agreement that has no fixed term changes the contract unless the termination ends the rights and obligations of the parties under the radio contract from the date the termination takes effect. 2013, about 8, 16 (3). 2.

If the supplier uses all or part of the bond paid under the contract to honour the amounts that the consumer does not pay at maturity, the supplier must notify the consumer in writing if he uses the security deposit. 2013, about 8, 19 (2). 2. No supplier can enter into more than one radio contract with a consumer on the same product if part of the duration of the agreements overlaps. 2013, about 8, 9 (2). “minimum cost,” the minimum amount a consumer must pay for services provided under a radio agreement, expressed in a regular periodic amount, regardless of the consumer`s use of the services; (“minimum price”) 8. Consumers may accept the amendment in subsection 6 by not taking action in response to the notification in this subsection or by resausing the Section 16 agreement. 2013, about 8, 13 (8). “By repealing them, we are harmonizing the federal provisions that made the original provincial law redundant,” Woolley said. “The repeal of the province`s Wireless Act exempts businesses from duplicates and cumbersome regulations and provides consumers with clarity about their rights to provide wireless services. Ontarians are also protected by the Consumer Protection Act. 6.

When a termination of a radio contract takes effect under this section, the contract is void and the supplier does not require, request or accept any payment for services provided to the consumer under the agreement. 2013, about 8, 11 (6). 17. How the consumer is calculated to pay the supplier when the consumer cancels the agreement in accordance with Section 16. John Lawford, Executive Director of the Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC), said it was a long-standing issue between the federal and provincial governments over whether their jurisdiction was related to established wireless businesses. 6 (1) A radio agreement does not engage the consumer, unless the agreement is concluded under that Act, the provisions of that act, the Consumer Protection Act 2002 and the provisions of that law. 2013, about 8, 6 (1). ii. a declaration on the maximum use of each service before the consumer is responsible for costs that are not included in the minimum costs, termination by suppliers, agreement with bond (2) Despite the subsection (1), a court may order that a consumer be bound to all or part of a radio contract, even if the agreement was not concluded in accordance with this law , the provisions of the Act, the Consumer Protection Act 2002 and the provisions of the 2002 Act, if the court finds that, in the circumstances, it would be unfair for the consumer not to be bound.